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Professor Ravi Silva presents the 2011 Clifford Patterson Lecture on 'Carbon Electronics' at the Royal Society, October 13th 2011. Further details here.

The Advanced Technology Institute is an interdisciplinary research centre dedicated to advancing next-generation electronic and photonic device technologies. Our strategy is based on having selective and focussed programmes of research, each of critical mass, which embrace in their investigations the full spectrum of fundamental science through to applied engineering. We are proud of our record of excellence, and proud of the practical benefits our work has brought to the wider World.  We believe our contributions to academia, industry and society as a whole will place us as one of the leading research laboratories in advanced technologies on an international basis.

Please take the time to explore our web pages. Detailed information on the research activities currently being undertaken, together with research highlights past and present, and details of our state-of-the-art laboratory facilities, may be found here.  From our contributions to the design of the first strain layer laser in the mid 80's to rapid thermal annealing and production of SIMOX for semiconductors in the 90's to nano-materials and nano-technologies in the last decade;  our researchers have been at the forefront in helping to solve some of the most challenging problems in industry today.  We are also examining such issues as the fabrication of cheap renewable energy sources, and work with industry to deliver high quality output wherever it is required.

For opportunities to come and work with us, please consult here.

Presently, there are some 160 researchers working in the ATI. Details of who does what and why are available here. A brief history of the Institute is available here.

S. Ravi Silva

Nanoelectronics Centre

Photonics Group

Ion Beam Centre

Theory and Advanced Computation Group




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